How to Party with a Purpose!

Summer’s finally here and the time is right for taking our social lives outside, whether it’s to grill, catch a Sox game, or sun at the beach. Longer days can also provide a great opportunity to give a little volunteer time back to a cause you care about. What if we told you that you could do both at the same time?

Thanks to the folks at the Watertown Community Foundation, you and your friends can throw an awesome neighborhood block party that gets the crowd together and raises money for a good cause, too! Here’s everything you need to know to get started:

Set a Budget: The great people at WCF will start you off with a $200 reimbursement towards what they call reasonable party expenses (paper goods, propane for grilling, etc) and will happily provide any guidance you might need for party logistics. In exchange, they ask that you offer a charitable donation opportunity for your guests (more on that later). You can invite anyone you like – most people include neighbors, nearby family and friends.

Pick a Party Theme: The WCF-sponsored block party themes are as varied as you can imagine. Depending on the crowd, hosts have hosted scavenger hunts, open mics, magicians, grilling contests, spelling bees, basketball tournaments – you name it. Some are organized around a holiday like Halloween, offering pumpkin carving and costume contests.

Choose a Time and Place: Since these are outdoor events, they typically take place in the late spring through early fall, but obviously you can plan one at any time (snowman contest, anyone?).  And as for a location, look no further than your own neighborhood block!

Choose a Worthy Cause: The WCF asks that all of its sponsored block parties offer a donation opportunity for attendees (WCFneeds to approve whatever cause you designate). That might take the form of a donation table for a local food pantry or a sign-up sheet for a future community service project. Beyond the fact that these parties support great causes, they are also an awesome opportunity to just hang with neighbors, family, friends and people you don’t get to see often enough.

Sounds good, right? Head to the WCF website to learn how to sign up! You can also contact Block Party coordinator Roma Jerome at or call 617.926.1500.