Celebrate Chinese New Year

While have lots of reasons to celebrate around Watertown, one of our favorites is the wonderful tradition of Chinese New Year. Not only are we fortunate to have so many friends and neighbors who observe the holiday, but for those of us who are hoping to learn more about it, there are many local opportunities to do just that.

Before we start: for those of you who think Chinese New Year is a single-day celebration, think again. Unlike most holidays, Chinese New Year actually lasts two weeks, involves eating dumplings every single day, and features a dessert called “Get Rich!” Need we say more?? Here are some ideas for ringing in the Chinese New Year in and around Watertown!

Head to the Source: You can’t fully celebrate Chinese New Year without heading to Chinatown to enjoy some of its fantastic authentic cuisine. Did you know that Boston’s Chinatown is the third largest in the country, after NYC and San Francisco? That’s crazy! Getting there is an easy 6+ mile trip from Watertown, either 30 minutes by car or around 45 via the T; we recommend hopping off the Red Line at Park Street and walking down through Downtown Crossing. Amazingly, Chinatown has stayed virtually chain-free as far as restaurants go, and is packed with a wide array of everything from local institutions like China Pearl and Winsor Dim Sum Café to lesser known (very good) cafes like Wai WaiRuckus, and Gene’ Chinese Flatbread.  Gourmet Dumpling House on Beach Street has a true cult following for a reason – brave the lines and don’t skip this one.

Get Your Arts Fix: Be honest – when’s the last time you got yourself to the MFA?We thought so. Their collection of Chinese Art and Artifacts is one of the most spectacular they own, featuring stunning sculpture, ceramics, paintings, and other masterpieces. It’s reason alone to either hop the T or make the 15 minute drive down the Charles. Grab lunch afterwards at Chef Chang’s or Beijing Café, both just a few minutes from the museum!

Check Out a Watertown Gem: Local Chinese food lovers have been flocking to Watertown Square’s Home Taste since it opened in 2015. Garnering rave reviews from food critics and bloggers alike, Home Taste has built its reputation on delectable hand-pulled noodles and Chinese burgers, along with a tasty selection of authentic Szechuan dishes. Although you can sit and eat there, its tiny space is perhaps better suited for takeout orders. They also have a brand-new location in Arlington Heights, should you be out and about over that way! No matter where you are, don’t miss out on this local gem. 

 Photo courtesy of The Boston Globe.