Best Travel Apps

Summer’s here, which means a lot of us are scheduling some much-needed vacation time. If you’re planning on jetting off somewhere that doesn’t involve sitting in Bourne Bridge traffic, we’ve done some research on the hottest travel apps people are using right now. Here are some to check out before you book that getaway! 

  • Airline Apps: it may sound pretty basic, but lots of us don’t bother to download the app of the airline we’re flying on – and that’s a big miss right off the bat. No matter what airline you’re flying, accessing the app will connect you instantly with helpful – and sometimes critical – real-time information, about everything from flight status to gate changes to locating your baggage. You can also pull up your boarding pass and scan it right from your phone faster than you can kick those shoes off at TSA.

  • Hotel Apps: If you’re not going the AirBnB route, you’ll definitely want to check out some of the newest apps for finding great prices on hotels. HotelTonight is the easiest to use, with lots of updated photos (which not all apps have), lists of amenities (which are dog-friendly or have outdoor pools for ex), all listed by price range spanning from super basic to ultra luxurious. To get the best price, though, you should consider cross-referencing on apps like Trivago and, both of which have excellent selections and sometimes cheaper rates.

  • Hopper: There’s absolutely no reason to have to hunt down airfares with apps like Hopper, which does all the legwork for you. Hopper tracks airfares, advising you when the best time is to buy, as well as telling you what date fares are expected to climb. It can also book reservations for you for a small fee if you like.

  • Google Trips: If you use Google services like calendar and Gmail, Google Trips can mine your relevant saved data for smart travel advice. For example, based on flight info saved in your calendar, it can anticipate where you might be headed and when, and offer info on flights and fares. Based on stars you’ve added to Google Maps, it can find what might be interesting places for you to visit and give you the info you need to book tours, reservations, etc.

  • Roadtrippers: Once you input your starting point, destination, and travel interests, Roadtrippers will take it from there, offering sample itineraries for you that include relevant restaurants, museums, campsites – anything you might be interested in visiting. If you find something yourself that you want to add, just input the info into the app and it will reroute accordingly.

Have any travel apps you can’t do without? Let us know in comments!