Snowed In in Watertown

January’s bomb cyclone may be a distant memory – but this being New England, there is no doubt more storms on the horizon. Being snowed in is fun, with lots to share on social media of course - but how many versions of a snow pic do you really need on your Insta story? Here are some ideas to get you out of the FB echo chamber and feeling super productive on a day off:

  • Declutter your closet: No more plowing through mismatched pairs of shoes to find that favorite pair – time to get down to business and get organized! Pour yourself a glass of something, crank the tunes, and get busy - with the help of Lifehacker’s brilliant Start-to-Finish Guide to better home organization.  

  • Practice yoga: The studio might be closed, but that’s no excuse. The New York Times Guide to Beginner Yoga has all the info you need to perfect all the basic poses, right in your living room. Click here to get started! 

  • Catch up on some podcasts: So many podcasts, and only so many T rides to listen in on. Today’s a great day to dip into some you might have missed; here’s a list of some of the best from this past year: 

  • Catch a flick: Even the most productive day calls for some downtime. How well do you know your Boston movies? Check out Entertainment Weekly’s list of Best Movies set in Boston and stream one or two you’ve missed! 

  • Learn to make the perfect omelet:  How badly do you wish you could impress your roommate with a perfectly executed, flipped omelet? It takes a little practice, but that’s what a day like today is for. This video will have you flipping like a boss in no time.  

  • Plan your next vacation: Now’s your chance to plan that dream trip you’ve been dying for. Download a fun trip planning app (we like these) and start researching destinations! And if you think you’re headed abroad, you’re gonna need to learn some phrases to get around – the Rosetta Stone app is the best in the business.

  • Check on a neighbor: Do you have someone on your block who might need a little assistance in the cold weather? Take a few minutes to bundle up and check up on a neighbor who could use a path shoveled, or might need help putting dinner in the oven. 

  • Earn some extra cash: That little black dress you splurged on but wish weren’t so … little? Name your price and unload it on eBay! A day stuck inside is the perfect opportunity to take pictures and get things you don’t want up online and out of your closet. Easy money, if you ask us – here’s a step-by-step guide to help you get started.