Where To Find Cool Crafting Supplies

With the cold weather finally here, all of us at East End Watertown find ourselves channeling the Little House books. Remember those absurdly long winters when they’d all be trapped inside the house building stuff?

Thank God it’s not quite that extreme here – but the harsh winter weather still has us thinking crafty thoughts! We checked out some of the local arts and crafts retail scene around Watertown, and there are some great places to hit up! Here are a few we like: 

  • If you’re into old school Five and Dime stores, there are two in the area worth visiting. Formerly Ben Franklin, the Hollingworth 5 and 10 in Belmont features aisles packed with fabrics and sewing notions, all kinds of knitting and scrapbook making supplies, along with everything you need for beading and other crafts. And for a truly cool, vintage experience, you’ve got to check out the Balich 5 and 10 on Mass Ave in Arlington Heights. The place opened back in 1954 and is still run as a traditional Five and Dime, heavy on the sewing and knitting supplies, but also packed with random curiosities like corncob pipes, hula hoops, and kitchy Featherstone Flamingos! 

  • An Arlington staple for over 50 years, Playtime on Mass Ave covers an impressive selection of crafty pursuits, starting with a comprehensive array of painting and drawing supplies, and branching into everything from airplane models and origami paper to puppetry supplies and jewelry making. Definitely worth the trip to Arlington Center! 

  • “You can make anything you put your heart and hands into.” That’s the philosophy that drives Gather Here, a knitter and sewer’s dream space located in the heart of Inman Square in Cambridge. Their shop manages to be tidy and overflowing all at once, featuring three maker spaces; top-quality sewing machines that anyone can hop on; an amazing fabric and yarn selection, and a super-helpful staff who will happily help you pick out your dream project or answer any question. They also host a cool selection of workshops – check out the schedule here