Satisfy Your Holiday Cookie Craving

It’s everyone’s favorite time of year – when it’s totally socially acceptable to binge on baked goods! Indulging is inevitable during the holiday season and cookies are a must-have at your holiday gatherings. Whether you just have a craving this December or you’re in charge of the cookie spread at your next party, we’ve found the best places to pick up these delectable delights. (And, we also have you covered if you’re in need of a little motivation to work off those calories in January!)

Russo’s is a favorite stop of ours for anything holiday related. Their bakery department is top-notch and offers seasonal and holiday treats throughout the entire year. Pick up an assortment of cookies and brownies that are guaranteed to impress all the guests at your gathering. 

Lilly’s Café and Bakery has been serving mouth-watering baked goods and lunch items for over twenty-five years. They offer a wide variety of biscotti and bite-sized cookies including classics like chocolate chip, snickerdoodle, and oatmeal as well as lemon squares and brownies. You may also want to pick up a few eclairs, tartlets, or mini-cheesecakes to add variety to your cookie platter. 

 Antoine’s Pastry Shop, located in Newton, has been serving the local community for over fifty-seven years and specializes in French and Italian cakes and pastries. Pick up some festive gingerbread men, simple but sweet sugar cookies, macaroons, butter cookies, and more. See more of their selection here - we dare you not to salivate! 

Panera on Arsenal Street is a great option for stocking up on yummy cookies and sweets. Their well-known varieties, like the kitchen sink cookie and candy cookie, are loved by any cookie aficionado and their holiday and seasonal choices are just as delicious. Plus, they cater so they’re a great choice for your office celebration! 

And if cookies aren’t your thing, but you’re craving something sweet, stop on by Fastachi. Their amazing peanut or cashew nut brittles are the perfect compliment to your holiday meal!