Fall-Themed Cocktails

When we think fall drinks, we often think of craft beer or hard cider – nothing wrong with that. These days we’ve been, er, mixing it up a bit and looking for the best seasonal ingredients to throw in the cocktail shaker. If you’re in the mood to try out some fall takes on the classics, here are some we’ve found from some of our favorite foodie sites:

  • Love Margaritas in the summer? The mixologists at Centro Mexican Kitchen in Boulder CO have come up with the Manzarita, which swaps out citrus for apple cider, and adds some cinnamon in there too – yum. Head to Food and Wine for the full recipe.

  • Apple cider also figures into what the folks at Maker’s Mark call Kentucky Mulled Cider, which opts for bourbon over wine, along with the usual cinnamon and allspice flavors. Perfect for a fireside drink on a crisp fall day – get the full recipe at Town and Country Magazine.


  • The Moscow Mule has had a surge in popularity this year, popping up in bars and restaurants all over the Boston area. Blogger Heather Christo changes things up this fall with her seasonal version, which incorporates sparkling apple cider and a splash of cranberry juice. Head to her blog for the full Apple Cranberry Moscow Mule recipe.

  • Looking for a new brunch cocktail? The popular foodie site Delish puts a fall twist on things with their Apple Cider Mimosa, crafted with cider and champagne and served with a cinnamon rim. Get the full recipe here.

  • If you’re into the whole pumpkin spice craze, you’re going to want to check out what we found on The Spruce. Their Pumpkin Old Fashioned starts with the traditional bourbon and orange peel, but incorporates fresh pumpkin puree and maple syrup for that autumnal feel. Sounds amazing, right? Check out the full recipe here