On the Hunt for a Great Martini

"One martini is all right. Two are too many, and three are not enough.” 

The guy who wrote that may have a point. So where around here can you go to satisfy your martini craving (safely tucked into an Uber, of course), whether you want one, two, or … ? Whether you prefer dry, shaken, stirred, dirty - we did a little digging and found some excellent options both in Watertown, as well as a little farther afield:

  • Known for its killer craft beer menu, local sports bar Miller’s Ale House also serves an impressive cocktail selection. Their take on the martini might be the perfect way to usher in those fall temps. Say hello to the Washington Apple Martini, made with Crown Royal Apple, Apple Pucker, and cranberry juice. Wowza! Full cocktail menu on their website.  
  • Local celebrity chef Chris Schlesinger is one of the driving forces behind The Automatic, a hip and hot destination in Kendall Square. Their bartenders will pour any of the classics, and serve up a Dirty Martini spiked with lemon thyme brine. Check out their full cocktail menu here
  • And speaking of which, East Coast Grill boasts one of the most inventive cocktail programs around. Their answer to the martini is the Rosemary Gimlet, made with Barr Hill Gin, rosemary, and lime. Please and thank you
  • There’s a reason why the Back Bay’s Oak Long Bar + Kitchen is at the top of everyone’s martini lists: they know their way around every kind of martini pour, and serve them extra large and iced cold. Full cocktail menu here
  • City Bar Boston inside the Lenox Hotel features one of the most extensive martini menus around, with varieties like the Ginger Peach (made with Stoli Peach) and - in a nod to the current bourbon craze - the Owen, made with Buffalo Trace. This spot is super popular with the after-work crowd, so grab that bar stool early on any weeknight. 

Did we miss your favorite spot? Let us know in comments!