Order Up! Watertown’s Best Pancakes

Heading out to breakfast for a nice big stack of flapjacks is the perfect way to kick off your weekend, or any day for that matter. Pancakes are the perfect comfort food, always leave you feeling full and satisfied. Try one of these local spots the next time you’re craving them:

Uncommon Grounds, serving classic breakfast and lunch favorites, is open seven days a week from 7am-2pm. Their breakfast menu offers something for everyone - we promise that the pancake lovers in your group will not be disappointed. Those preferring a classic pancake may gravitate towards the buttermilk, chocolate chip, or multi-grain pancakes. Feeling adventurous? Try the lemon ricotta pancakes, or the Very Berry Pancrepe - a pancake stuffed with yogurt and berries, rolled, and topped with granola and more berries and yogurt. Yum!

Watertown Square’s The Diner at 11 North Beacon is also open every day of the week, 7am-2pm. You can expect breakfast and lunch items made with wholesome ingredients and served in a friendly and comfortable setting. Their buttermilk pancakes come three to a serving and you can choose to take them plain or to add strawberries, bananas, blueberries, or chocolate chips. For a twist, we like to add a side of corned beef hash!

Deluxe Town Diner, a Watertown favorite, is closed Mondays but stays open late the other six days of the week. Their famous Deluxe Flapjacks are made with sour cream and buttermilk and pair well with an addition of fruit, chocolate chips, or nuts. They also offer a New Orleans style sweet potato pancake, blue cornmeal pancakes, Rhode Island Johnny Cakes, and a French pancake called a ploye made with buckwheat and wheat. They’re a great spot to broaden your pancake horizons a bit!

And be sure to check out the pancakes at Tresca’s Eating Place. Their food comes in large portions, is well priced, and the decor has a vintage feel. Tresca’s Eating Place is the epitome of a town diner and you can expect the place to be packed on the weekends.

Did we miss you favorite pancake destination in Watertown? Let us know!