International Grocery Stores

Watertown is a food-lover’s paradise, with endless options for eating, drinking, and even trying your hand at cooking classes. If you’re into preparing meals at home and looking to broaden your palate a bit, Watertown also happens to have an amazing array of international food shops selling groceries, spices, and prepared dishes from all over the world! 

First, with Watertown boasting the third-highest Armenian population in the US, it’s no surprise to find 3 Armenian markets within a block and a half of one another. Family owned-and-operated Sevan Bakery at 599 Mount Auburn Street is known primarily for their spectacular array of their Armenian and Middle Eastern prepared foods and baked goods (don’t think of leaving without some of their baklava), as well as their aisles piled with Middle Eastern grocery items. There’s also that nut bar: 

A few steps from from Sevan’s sits Arax Market, also experts at delicious prepared foods and baked goods, along with a slightly larger grocery section that includes a decent amount of fresh produce.

Rounding out the trio is Massis Bakery, which Boston Magazine has dubbed the best Armenian food store in the US. Along with serving up their yummy prepared foods, pastries, and hard-to-find grocery items in-house, Massis offers an online ordering option and will ship anywhere in the country.

If you’re interested in sampling a Persian palate, head to Tabrizi Bakery, the first Iranian bakery in the Northeast. A fixture in Watertown since 1991, Tabrizi is known for its delectable pastries and cakes, as well as its wide selection of imported grocery items. They also offer online as well as in-store shopping.  And don’t forget Sofra Bakery and Café on the Watertown/Cambridge border, where you can find some of the tastiest Turkish and Middle Eastern-inspired grocery items, cookies, spreads, spiced nuts, and prepared foods, as well as a cozy sit-down café space for relaxing with friends.