Public Transportation

Watertown has so much to offer to its residents and visitors: great restaurantsentertainment options, amazing shopping, and more. It is also easily accessible by public transportation, which makes Watertown a desirable place to live as well as to visit.

The MBTA offers several different bus options that run into Watertown. Buses 70 and 70A run from Cambridge to Waltham, with the 70A being slightly longer route and servicing more of Waltham. These routes make stops in close proximity to the Arsenal Project, the Watertown Mall, and Watertown Square.

Bus number 71 runs between Harvard Square and Watertown Square and its route encompasses more residential parts of Watertown. It is a Key Bus Route so you can expect this bus to operate  at least every ten minutes during peak weekday hours. There are other routes that hit Watertown; check them out here.

Bus fares vary, so be sure to check out the latest prices before planning your next ride. For frequent riders, we suggest purchasing a CharlieCard to receive a lower fare, as well as free transfers between local buses; and free transfers from an express bus to the subway. Seniors and people with disabilities enjoy lower fares while kids under eleven and blind passengers ride for free.

For taxi service in Watertown, check out McCue’s Taxi or Watertown Taxi for all your local transportation needs as well as service to and from the airport.

For those preferring to commute via bicycling, consider using Park & Pedal, a free network of parking lot hubs where you can ditch your car and take your bike to your final destination. You can find Park & Pedal spots just off Arsenal Street near the Arsenal Project.