Dead in Good Company

Cambridge’s Mount Auburn Cemetery is comprised of 175 acres, houses more than 95,000 grave sites and monuments, and draws about 200,000 visitors per year. Sweet Auburn, as it is referred to by locals, was created in 1831 and is America’s first landscaped garden. The cemetery provides an ideal habitat for many species of wildlife including coyotes, foxes, turkeys, owls, and various types of birds.

The book Dead in Good Company: A Celebration of Mount Auburn Cemetery perfectly honors those that have passed and are buried in the cemetery while celebrating the natural life and beauty that flourish there. Editors John Harrison and Kim Nagy share a passion for nature and photography as well as a special affection for the cemetery, where they both have found peace, solitude, and inspiration.

Dead in Good Company is a collection of more than fifty essays, poems, and wildlife photography. The impressive list of contributing authors includes Harvard Law Professor Alan Dershowitz; former Mayor of Boston Ray Flynn; Boston author and television personality Hank Phillippi Ryan; and sports writer and commentator Dan Shaughnessy. 

In addition to their personal accounts and narratives, the book includes historical pieces that feature some of the prominent people who are buried there. The accompanying photography is stunning and depicts the wide array of wildlife that live in the cemetery.

Dead in Good Company is a must read for anyone interested in Boston and its history, cemeteries, nature, or photography.