Nearby Sledding Spots

Remember snow days as a kid? You’d wake up to realize there’d be no school and, after doing your best happy dance, rally all of your friends to meet at the local sledding hill. Sledding brings out the inner kid in all of us and provides a sense of nostalgia that anyone can appreciate. So, on the next snow day call your besties, grab a sled, and head on over to one of our favorite spots:

Larz Anderson Park in Brookline is a popular sledding locale, so be prepared for a crowd. It’ll be worth the wait though; you’ll find various hills of different sizes, a skating rink, playground, and many picnic tables. Pack your thermos of hot chocolate and plan to spend the morning here.

Pop over to Danehy Park in Cambridge, a former landfill that offers up 50 prime acres and some great city views. It’s one of the highest points in the city and therefore a classic sledding hot spot.

Also in Cambridge is Fresh Pond Reservation, a 162-acre open space protecting the pond that provides fresh water to the area. The reservation has some gradual hills that might appeal to the more cautious in your crowd.

Prospect Hill Park, located in Waltham, is accessible by public transportation and contains two steep summits that will have you channeling Clark Griswold as you pickup some serious speed. While there, check out the amazing views of the Boston basin from either hill.

For more of a unique twist on the traditional sledding outing, head on over to the President’s Lawn at Tufts University. Snow activities are allowed on this steep hill, which is open to the public. Plus, you’re sure to see some creative uses of cafeteria trays while there!