Cool Desk Gadgets from Target!

Most of us are too old for Back-to-School shopping (which can be good or bad, depending). But regardless there’s something about fall that just makes you want to fill up that Target cart with all kinds of new stuff, right? We’re with you on this. There’s no reason you can’t do a little desktop makeover – especially if you’re working the dreaded shared space scenario. There’s a ton at Target to spiff up that worktable and inspire your colleagues to do the same. Check out what they got! 

How cool would these corked jars be for office supplies? Suddenly we feel so on top of things:

And we’re on a bit of a gold kick – maybe we’re still in Rio mode:

Amazing, right? Technically it’s a desktop organizer but we’re pretty sure we want one on every apartment surface. 

And speaking of gold, we’ll have three of these please.  

Oh, and here’s our Post It hack for the day:

Right?? They think of everything.

Now fast-forward to February, when you can’t remember what grass looks like. Trust us, you’re gonna want this

We just scratched the proverbial surface here – there are a million more reasons to head to Target at 550 Arsenal Street! You’ll find us lost in the label maker aisle.