How to Track the Latest in Watertown

There’s no better way to stay on top of the latest Watertown happenings than social media - but who has time to scour all those Facebook pages? The quick answer is that we do, cause it’s our job to know these things. So you came to the right place!  Here are the pages you need to be following right now:  

  • Our own East End Watertown page is updated daily by our social media team who monitor hundreds of local sites for the absolute latest and greatest in Watertown and the surrounding area. 
  • Watertown News is independently owned and operated and does a great job covering the latest in local news, sports, arts and entertainment, business happenings - you name it. And they’re great with direct messaging if you have a question, typically answering within a day. 
  • The Wicked Local Watertown newspaper page is a steady feed of breaking news and local articles from its reporters in the field. It also shares news from other outlets, along with some Letters to the Editor that give a good read on local opinions. 
  • Watertown’s East End is a treasure trove of memorabilia and nostalgia posts for people who grew up in the area or want to learn more about the local history, culinary traditions, etc. 
  • You Know You’re From Watertown if has a super active online community sharing nostalgia, local events, news items featuring Watertown residents, and a few opinion posts as well. It’s a great way to get a quick download on the local mood in general. 
  • The Watertown MA FB page is updated regularly with info on restaurants, local sights, shopping and hotels. Their events calendar is super current as well, and they tell you which of your FB friends have liked or visited any places they recommend. FOMO officially cured. 
  • If you’re a dog owner (or just really want one) the Watertown Dog Parks page needs some love. It looks like no one’s been active on it for a while, but we think it could be an awesome resource for local dog owners. Post a few selfies with your pooch and get some traffic on the site!