Kabobs for Dinner!

By now no doubt you’ve been in Watertown long enough to know we’ve got a ridiculously diverse food scene happening. One of our go-to menu items are kabobs – in lots of styles, from Greek to Indian to Middle Eastern. On a hot summer night, you can’t do better than some juicy bites of marinated meat and veggies, grilled to perfection. Right? Here are some of our favorite spots to hoist a skewer or two!

  • Demos Restaurant specializes in Greek-style kabobs, both plated up as entrees and in open-faced sandwiches. Their signature Shish Kabob entrée (offered in chicken, beef, lamb, or tenderloin) features four lean, juicy chunks of marinated meat with veggies and onions. Both sit down and take out service are available.


  • Jasmine Taste of Persia offers two kabob styles: chunks of marinated skewered meat or fish, as well as kubideh, which are kabobs made from ground meat wrapped around skewers (like this):


Their selection is extensive – think salmon as well as chicken, lamb, and beef – and they are experts at grilling over open flame. The Lamb Tenderloin Kabobs are marinated in their secret sauce and super juicy – ridiculous! We love mixing the Kubideh styles with the skewers, which they let you do in endless combinations. There aren’t a ton of tables, but take out and delivery are also available.

  • Roksana’s Persian Food is take out only, but trust us - you won’t mind having to tote this stuff back to the nest. Co-founder Ala Tolouei had a large-scale catering business in Iran and knows how to churn out delicious, authentic Persian fare. Our favorite is the Torsh Kabob (beef marinated in walnuts and pomegranate molasses) but they offer up all kinds of delicious skewers including the ground Kubideh style.