Raise a Glass

Keeping it real, who among us isn’t somewhat terrified of public speaking? Even if you think you’re not, it can sneak up on you. Case in point: your boss makes your week by tapping you for the off-site meeting leadership team (finally! you think – my chance to amaze). But then you hear you’ll be on the hook to give a 5-minute welcome speech, and your mouth shrivels dry. Palms sweat. Next thing you know, you’re in the break room practicing your best yoga breathing against the vending machine.

Folks, it does not need to be this way. Ever heard of Toastmasters? They’ve been turning even the most petrified prospects into speechifying pros since 1924 – and there’s a chapter that meets regularly right here in Watertown! Here’s how it works. First, you can drop in on a meeting for free anytime, no sign up and no commitment needed. The groups are mixed, made up of people who’ve never spoken a single word in public along side more seasoned speakers hoping to sharpen their skills. The group practices speeches on one another and gives each other constructive feedback - along with a ton of applause, which feels amazing. (How many people in your life are showing you that much love these days? Your dog doesn’t count.)

Toastmasters lets you to go at your own pace, with no rush and no pressure. You decide when you’re ready to move along to the next challenge. And it’s not just about business presentations; they help you work on communications skills across the board, like leading meetings, or speaking up in them; crafting the perfect party toast; interacting more effectively with clients and friends; or even approaching mom for that dreaded car loan conversation. 

Sounds pretty sweet, right? Head to the Watertown Toastmasters’ website to learn more about meeting times and other info. #Cheers #GoGetEm