Summer Bargain Shopping

It’s officially summer in Watertown, and those lazy sunny weekends are coming fast. Are you ready to dress for the weather, or are last year’s tanks and tees due for a little upgrade? No need to stress one bit, thanks to the amazing shopping options right here in Watertown. Here are three great spots to get suited up for summertime without having to make that Venmo request to mom and dad: 

For wardrobe staples, you can’t beat the Gap Outlet for its amazing selection – they keep this place super-well stocked and neat as a pin. It’s easy to find amazing deals on classic Gap items like tees and denim, along with fun summer selections like sundresses and hats you might have trouble justifying at full price – but at this price point, why not stock up? 

The Gap partner store Old Navy has even crazier deals and a bit broader selection that includes fun prints like these 

 and closet basics like these 

… plus loads of casual summer stuff you can stock up on at absurdly good price points. A linen romper for under 25 bucks? That elusive summer BBQ outfit’s officially in the bag. 

If you’re scoping out summer styles with a bit more of a party/flirty feel, hit up Charlotte Russe. They’re a California-based company and definitely have that vibe going on, all at a competitive price point. Along with denim and hot weather basics, think lots of coral and pink colorways, a huge sandal selection, swimwear, rompers, shorts – definitely a little more Venice Boardwalk than Harvard Square.