Killer Summer Salads

Summer is upon us, which means our salad intake is about to go wayyy up. We’re thinking leaner after all that yummy winter comfort food, and that bathing suit’s not getting any bigger. So where can you get some amazing salads in Watertown? We set out on a mission to find out, and came away with some standouts:

Power Café at 45 Lexington Street serves up innovative takes on the genre with names we love, like Lettuce Turnip the Beet (right?). This tasty option features the slight sharpness of crunchy turnip against bold beet flavor, balanced with the sweetness of apples and a splash of lemon juice, served on a bed of crisp romaine. “I saw (the phrase) on a T-shirt and thought it would make a great salad,” explains owner Galit Schwartz. Yup, and it tastes amazing! (Image featured above)

• Formerly a food truck, Kefi’s Kitchen and Coffee at 142 Main Street serves up locally-sourced sandwiches, soups, salads and desserts. Their Chopped Middle Eastern Salad combines vegetable kefta, lemon hummus, and grape leaves with the crunch of pita chips, and folds in Tunisian salad, mixed lettuce, sliced tomato and fresh cucumbers – all drizzled with tangy tahini sauce. Definitely great on a hot day, or anytime you want something light and yummy.

• Vegan hotspot Wild Rice Café is the latest venture from the team behind Red Lentil. Their Farmer’s Salad has a slight Indian feel to it, with local greens, butternut squash, tomatoes and avocado layered with spiced chickpeas and pickled carrots, tossed in a jiggery lime dressing. Totally original and we loved it.

• The Grilled Romaine Salad from local fave StripTs has a following that approaches legend status. Lightly charred romaine hearts are layered with shredded marinated oxtail, topped with a poached egg and chili vinaigrette – think Korean BBQ in salad form. Definitely a hearty meal unto itself, and totally worth what can be a bit of a wait during busy times.

• Rising star Branch Line at Arsenal on the Charles offers several salad options that were hard to choose from. But we ended up loving their version of a Chopped Salad, with silky shredded chicken, creamy avocado, tangy feta and their version of Ranch dressing which we can’t even begin to describe – you just have to go try it for yourself!

In the mood to make your own? You can’t go wrong with the produce selection at the Russo’s Salad Bar – or head to the Watertown Farmer’s Market, opening June 2nd! They have the freshest of produce every Thursday through the end of October, from locals like Kitchen Garden Farm in Sunderland, Athol’s The Farm School, and Pranaverda Farm in Johnston RI.