Watertown's Newest Hotel

So here’s a scenario: your parents are making the big visit to see you and your new digs, maybe take in some local culture or grab dinner under the stars. Wouldn’t it be amazing if, instead of having to send them over to Cambridge or Waltham for a hotel stay, you could put them up right here in Watertown? Well that wish is about to come true sooner than later, when the new Residence Inn by Marriott opens at 570 Arsenal Street.

Hold up, you say – isn’t “residence” a code word for one of those hotels with kitchens, where you have to stay for weeks at a time? Luckily it’s a lot more flexible than that, according to Pre-Opening General Manager Sharad Chand, whom we spoke with recently. Turns out Marriott Residence Inn rooms have what it takes for you to stay as long or as little as you want; so yes you’ve got the option of a studio suite with kitchen, or one- or two-bedroom suites with separate sleeping, living, and cooking areas. But you can book one night, 100 nights – whatever works for you and the parents (we’re guessing you might be aiming for quality time here? Just saying).  

Chand tells us this location will have a very cool vibe to it. “We’re deliberately setting the building apart from the more historical structures that surround it, giving it contemporary feel with lots of natural light, maximized tech access in the ground level communal work spaces, and floor-to-ceiling windows in the lobby, fitness, and pool areas,” he explains. We recently got a peek at a time-lapse video showing a bit of what Chand is describing - take a look above!

This place is a sure sell-out, with everything going on in Watertown and the surrounding areas - not to mention its proximity to universities like Harvard and BU and companies like Athena Healthcare and WGBH. We’ll be watching it closely as the project progresses, and back with more updates! Stay tuned.