The Return of Food Truck Wednesdays

They’re baaaack! 

Not the Red Sox, goober – Food Truck Wednesdays are starting up again at The Arsenal Project! Beginning May 18th, all your favorite cafes on wheels are rolling back into town – here’s who you can line up for this year:

  1. CHIKCHAK: The falafel boys are back! ChikChak brings the tastes of the Middle East to Watertown, with an amazing selection of falafel, shawarmas, and kabobs, along with burgers and hotdogs too. They use only kosher ingredients and make their sauces and salads fresh daily. Check out their menu here.

  2. ROXY’S GRILLED CHEESE: It’s no wonder these guys have gotten so much national press for what are arguably the tastiest, most inventive grilled cheese creations around. Their trademark Green Muenster is probably their most famous combo, featuring Muenster, bacon, and house made guacamole; we can’t decide between that and the Mighty Rib Melt, with its insanely good combination of braised short rib, fontina cheese, and caramelized onions. And did we mention they slather the mayonnaise on the outside of the bread before it hits the grill? Shut the front door!

  3. THE DINING CAR: They call themselves a kitchen on wheels, serving up freshly-prepared, locally-sourced food inspired by cuisines from all over the world. The Dining Car menu changes all the time, depending on what’s fresh, but can include items like their Slow-Roasted Lamb Sandwich served with herb-infused goat cheese, or their Honey Truffle Goat Cheese Sandwich with toasted walnuts tossed in wildflower honey and truffle oil.

  4. FROZEN HOAGIES: Forget what you know about hoagies (i.e. Philly’s answer to the sub); the guys at Frozen Hoagies are all about dessert, and want to make you the best ice cream sandwich you’ve ever had. The concept is simple – two fresh-baked cookies (think fudge brownie, heath bar, and Nutella-stuffed choco chip) stuffed with two scoops of Chilly Cow ice cream. They’re the Arlington shop known for insane flavors like banana peanut butter, mint explosion, and chocolate covered strawberry. Vegan and gluten free selections too!

  5. BON ME: Patrick Lynch and Ali Fong started Bon Me on a whim in 2010 and surprised everyone by winning the City of Boston Best Food Truck contest; six years later, their rabid fan base has Twitter feeds on permanent refresh, tracking where the Bon Me trucks will be perched next. Their fresh and inventive take on Asian cuisine includes tasty items like pork pate-slathered sandwiches, Soba Noodles with Roasted Soy and Paprika Tofu, and Red Curry Pulled Chicken Rice Bowls.

  6. CHICKEN AND RICE GUYS: They founded the company on the simple desire to bring this tasty street food combo from the streets of NYC to the Boston area. Chicken and Rice Guys offer a stripped-down menu of grilled chicken and lamb gyro rice plates, along with grilled veggies on request, and their signature selection of sauces.

Food Truck Wednesdays aren’t just about lunch – there’s live music, too! Be sure to check The Arsenal Project’s events page each week to hear what bands will drop by.