#Watertown on Instagram

No time for Instagram this week? No prob, we got this. We’ve been surfing around looking for some awesome #WatertownMA photos to share – and as usual, Insta did not disappoint!

Let’s start where most people flock on Instagram, and that would be food pics:

That delectable thing was shot at Cha Yen Thai (http://chayenthaicookery.com/) – we’ll be heading there soon for sure. And we loved this dinnertime shot from a very popular Insta account, behomewell:


Do carrots actually do that on their own?? While we figure out the answer to that, here’s a cool pic taken at the Branch Line bar:

Love the plaid.  And staying on the restaurant theme, we’re digging this retro shot of Deluxe Town Diner:


That filter is crazy!


Mural shots can be tough to execute, but we think this user did a fine job! Anyone know where this is?

And we clearly need to be paying more attention to Watertown sunsets:


Amazing, right?

To show our love of the Watertown art scene, we double tapped here: 

That was taken at Room83Spring, a very cool artists’ collaborative that you must check out.

Since we began with food, we thought we‘d end with another Insta guilty pleasure, dogs …


Couldn’t resist that lil nugget. That’s a wrap for now – tell us your favorites in the comments!