Sustainable Watertown

Earth Day might have come and gone, but we’re always in a green mood here at EEW, and pumped that Watertown is about to celebrate its 5th anniversary as a Green Community. Since 2010, the town has reduced its energy usage and greenhouse gas emissions by over 12% - pretty impressive! We’re always on the lookout for smart sustainable thinking around Watertown, and psyched to hear that the new LINX building currently under construction at 490 Arsenal Street is pushing the town’s agenda forward.

Check it out: 

  • LINX will be LEED certified, meaning its energy use (including lighting and HVAC), location, indoor air quality, water conservation, and materials will all meet the strictest sustainability standards in the industry. Go here to learn more about what project planners have to do to achieve LEED status.

  • A significant portion of the original warehouse building will remain intact, with as much repurposing as possible of original materials. Builders will cut into the old warehouse space and open it up to allow for more natural light and better air quality, including a two-story atrium lobby that looks very cool in the site plans.

  • Builders are taking out almost an acre of existing pavement and replacing it with green space, planting over 5,000 new trees, plants, and shrubs, over an acre of grass, and 6,200 square feet of wildflowers.

  • The LINX layout is meant to encourage employees to bike to work, with repair and docking stations right in the lobby, along with showers and locker rooms. Plus the building is situated right next to the bike path for easy access to commuting routes. Shuttles will leave every 10 minutes to Harvard Square, and the MBTA bus station is a few blocks up the road.

  • Water pipes installed underground will channel storm water through the aquifer (the ground’s natural filter and purifier) and back into the groundwater, preventing waste, runoff, and flooding.

Have you heard about other sustainability efforts around town? We want to hear about it – share what you know in the comments section!