What’s New At HATCH

When you get off work tonight you could do the usual – work out (nothing wrong with that), get some food shopping done (kinda boring, but ok) OR, to switch things up and take a mechatronics workshop… or learn cool tricks with your digital camera! Where would all this be happening, you ask? At HATCH, Watertown’s first and only official Makerspace! Brainchild of the Watertown Free Public Library and hosted by The Arsenal Project, HATCH provides workspace, tools, and materials for creative exploration and collaboration. It’s for aspiring builders, crafters and overall hackers to ditch their inhibitions and get hands-on experience with everything from 3D modeling and laser wood crafting to digital photography and sewing.

Here’s just a few of the events happening at HATCH this month:

Mechatronics Open Projects Workshop - Bring a project, help with one, exchange ideas, or just watch and learn. Volunteer instructors will help participants explore the Arduino platform and Raspberry Pi computer, as well as a range of motion control and sensor technologies. If you’ve always wondered how a self-parking car works, now’s your chance to find out – and maybe even build one (a tiny one).

3D Modeling for Engineering and Design: Visitors will be introduced Onshape, a free, professional 3D modeling program used by engineers and designers in industry. Instructors will start with the basics of 3D modeling and work their way up to more advanced modeling techniques. They’ll also help participants explore tools unique to Onshape, including simultaneously collaborating on a single part, version control, and best practices for managing CAD data on the cloud.

Digital Camera Lab: This session is designed to offer an in-depth, hands-on look at the technologies that make up the modern digital camera, and the most effective ways to achieve the best images from your device of choice. You bring the camera – instructors take care of the rest! 

That’s just a sampling of what’s happening – click on the calendar for the full listing. And watch this video for an actual look inside the HATCH Makerspace.

Want to get more involved? HATCH is always looking for volunteers interested in sharing their skills – click here and step up!