East End Shops: The Target Experience

Why do we all love shopping in Watertown so much?? The answers to that, if they were bricks, could build 100 Arsenal Projects. But one common truth most natives agree on is how great it is to have a Target in town. We cherish and support the ever-living heck out of our local businesses – but man, it is super-convenient and amazing to be able to hit up Target when you need to. Let’s break down the perks:

  • Super-Convenient: Target is located at the Watertown Mall (550 Arsenal Street), right on public transportation and open 8 AM to midnight Mon-Sat, Sundays till 11 PM.

  • Well-organized, Well-stocked: Despite the gargantuan size of this place, the staff manages to stay ahead of the amped up bargain hunters and keep the endless stacks of merchandise neat as a pin. And did we mention there are 24 (!) cash registers? Those lines move.

  • Awesome Partnerships: We all know Target’s reputation for sell-out designer collections (who else has PTSD from the Lily Pulitzer sell-out last year?); this spring is no different. April will usher in the hugely-anticipated collaboration with hipster home goods designers Merimekko (a sure mega hit), as well as Sonia Kashuk’s Knock Out Beauty collection.

  • Omni-channel Buying Power: Come again, you say? Basically, we all want to be able to price check, shop deals, and purchase from our Apple watches, tablets, iPhones, laptops – wherever and whenever. And Target is super-adept at offering shopping and research capability across these platforms, allowing you (for example) to scope out deals on the bus, try on and purchase in the store, or order anything out of stock while you’re standing in the fitting room! Check out their app capability here

One more thing – if you’re hitting the wall this election year in terms of political ads and solicitations, Target has a firm no-petition and no-solicitation policy for their locations. So it might feel nice to spend some time in a politics-free zone for a change!