Play Ball!

If this is your first spring in Watertown, welcome! As the weather trends sunnier and warmer, here are just a couple of things to get psyched about.

The bike path’s about to get a lot nicer-looking;

Food Truck Wednesdays are almost back at The Arsenal Project (yassss);


And there’s a certain baseball team beginning a new season at Fenway.

Never been to a Red Sox game? Well then, consider joining Sox Nation your number one priority this spring. Here’s everything you need to do beforehand to make the process as seamless as a 6-4-3 double play:

-- Let Jimmy Fallon show you how it’s done and rent the ultimate Sox fan movie, Fever Pitch (just keep in mind that pulling a Drew Barrymore at Fenway might get you arrested).

-- Get your Red Sox download from the best fan bloggers, including Over the Monster, BoSox Injection and Red Sox Nation.

-- Head to Sports Authority at 485 Arsenal Street for the ultimate selection of Sox gear, including hats, shirts – even Sox-themed chairs for tailgaiting (now you’re making sense).

-- You won’t make it past the seventh-inning stretch unless you’re down with the right way (some say the ONLY way) to sing the seventh-inning Sox anthem, Sweet Caroline. Watch the songwriter himself leading the Fenway crowd, here.

-- Before whipping out that credit card to buy tickets, familiarize yourself with the best spots at Fenway to watch the hometown boys. Who wants to be stuck  in obstructed view when you could be behind home plate, or perched next to Pesky’s? Head to for the ultimate guide to the best seats in this historic park. 

When you arrive on game day (and by the way, save yourself a rash of aggravation and take the T), make sure to stop by one of the Fan Service, tell them it’s your first time at Fenway, and score yourself a new fan welcome bag! 

There is truly nothing like a trip to Fenway – but if you lose out on tickets this time around, head to Millers Watertown Ale House on Arsenal Street. They’ll have the game on surround-sound TVs, and they serve up great pub food with a killer draft beer selection.