East End Businesses: Meet GymIt

When it comes to hitting up the gym, are you all about the extras and perks? Smoothie bar, heated towel racks, that kind of thing – or would you rather skip the bells and whistles, pay a whole lot less, and just get down to business? If you’re that kind of gym goer, we may have found the place for you.

GymIt (located at 36 Arlington Street) is the brainchild of local fitness experts Matt Harrington, his brother Mark, and their dad Mark Sr. The Harringtons have been active in the Boston fitness scene for over 30 years, and Watertown GymIt is their latest in a series of successful fitness centers. The GymIt mission is simple – to offer the highest quality instruction and facilities at an ultra competitive price point, without extra amenities that can jack up membership prices.

So you won’t see a day care center or a juice bar at GymIt; you also won’t see a single salesperson trying to upsell you the minute you walk in the door (there aren’t any on staff). You will find over 100 pieces of high quality cardio equipment, locker rooms with showers, 3 strength-training areas and the longest operating hours of any gym in Watertown - for only $24.95/month. A few dollars more per month buys you a VIP membership with unlimited access to all class levels and trainers’ schedules, as well as weekend guest passes for a friend to tag along.

Along with its full roster of group classes and personal training sessions, GymIt is exclusively launching EveryBodyFights, a high-intensity interval training class designed by celebrity boxer and businessman George Foreman III (check out a demo video here). Designed to challenge all fitness levels, EveryBodyFights has attracted a huge following, and has only been offered at Foreman’s own Seaport fitness center until now. “George chose GymIt to partner with for his first remote location for the program,” explained owner Matt Harrington in a recent conversation. Harrington says participants can expect a 40-minute class with heavy bag work for about a half to three-quarters of the session (depending on the level), with the rest of the time devoted to core and cardio.  

Sound good? Head to the GymIt website to learn more, or stop by 36 Arlington Street and see for yourself!