East Watertown Eats: Your Shawarma Hook Up

Living and working in the Watertown area has spoiled us rotten when it comes to global cuisine – from Armenian food to African to Turkish to Italian and beyond, we’ve pretty much got the world covered. One delectable item that’s become our go-to comfort food is the shawarma -- chicken, beef, lamb, or veal that’s marinated, placed on a spit, and grilled for a million hours (OK, just a day – still, that’s way longer time than we have). Served in a wrap with fillings, or plated up with rice and side veggies, shawarma meat is shaved off the spit, tender, flavorful, and delicious.

So where can you enjoy this ridiculously good food around town? With the unexpected closing of shawarma mecca Armenian Market and Bakery last fall, some locals started to panic a bit – but we got this, Watertown! Here’s where you can get your fix right now: 

-- Fordee’s Falafel and Deli at 555 Mount Auburn Street offers shawarma platters and roll-ups, including a special chicken variety with lettuce, tomato, red onion, turnip pickles and tahini. On-line ordering is available.  

-- A few blocks down from Fordee’s, Jasmine Taste of Persia at 580 Mount Auburn Street offers chicken and beef shawarma plates and roll-ups – plus they deliver!

-- Celebrity chef Ana Sortun’s Sofra Bakery and Café, located at 1 Belmont Street in Cambridge (across the street towards Belmont from Mt Auburn Cemetery), offers a little more refined take on the dish. Her version of chicken is offered with a light garlic sauce, pickles, and braised greens, while the lamb is rolled up with pickled cabbage and tahini yogurt.

-- For after-hours shawarma cravings, hit up Harvard Square’s Falafel located at 8 Eliot Street. They serve up spectacular chicken and lamb shawarma, both rolled up and plattered, plus they’ll even mix the two if you like. They also offer late night online ordering through Eat24, by ordering online, or downloading their free app!