Be Home Well

When you hear about shopping sustainable and organic, is this where your mind goes?

Watertown wellness coach and eco-guru Amanda Greening is out to change that with, her new and thriving online business dedicated to all things hip, styling and yes, organic.  “There’s a real misperception about what sustainable, non-toxic goods look like, “ says Amanda, who launched her website last summer. “Our products are beautiful, well-designed, and things you’d want in your home no matter what!”

We sat down recently to talk with Amanda about her business, along with her love of all things Watertown.

What gave you the idea to start BeHomeWell? I’d made the commitment to buying non-toxic years ago, and knew from my blog followers that lots of people out there felt the same. I was shocked to learn, rooting around the web, that there wasn’t a single website that offered a comprehensive selection of sustainable, eco-responsible products. I decided to launch BeHomeWell, and things kind of took off from there. We now offer the largest one-stop selection of non-toxic, ethically- and sustainably-manufactured goods anywhere on the web.

Where do you find your products?  My litmus test is pretty simple: do I love it, and am I passionate about it? I’m a champion of every product I sell; in fact, I own most of them myself.  I’m also highly selective and will occasionally turn down a vendor if they’re packaging is not sustainable, for example. I’m mindful of the entire product life, start to finish, with a goal of clean recycling when the time comes.

Anything new on the website that you’re particularly jazzed about?  We recently launched bridal and baby registries that we’re super excited for! We’ve selected some beautiful products people are already responding to, and are currently working to broadening and expanding our selections to make it easy for prospective marrieds and parents to make the #SwitchToSafer.

What do you love about Watertown? After living a bunch of places, I truly believe I’ve found my dream place to live and work. Watertown has everything – location, green space, restaurants, art scene, great people – I couldn’t be happier here and can’t imagine living anywhere else!

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