Crowds Line up at The Red Lentil

Hey there, fellow food-obsessed – quick poll for the meat and dairy eaters out there: how many of you are somewhat intrigued by the whole vegan thing, but not quite sure you can pull it off? 

Well we felt the same, until we saw the crowds lining up at Red Lentil Vegetarian and Vegan Restaurant and couldn’t resist finding out what the fuss was about.

Turns out those people know a thing or two about delicious food, period.  By the time our appetizer arrived, we kind of forgot cows were a thing…

This little plate of deliciousness is the Gobi Manchurian, made of lightly deep-fried cauliflower florets served with peppers and onions. No wonder the Globe called it one of their menu stars – ridiculously good and flavorful.

For our entrée we decided to check out one of their pizza selections. Pepperoni who?

Red Lentil offers both regular and vegan cheese, and you can ask for either one. Doesn’t matter, when the crust is this crisp and the veggies so fresh and perfectly cooked.

We learned quickly that chef and owner Pankaj Pradhan’s cuisine transcends the vegan/vegetarian label; he offers a mix of Middle Eastern, Spanish, Italian, and Mexican dishes that accommodate a range of dietary concerns, from nut allergies and soy intolerance to gluten free options.

And who knew vegan beer and wine existed? Thanks, Red Lentil - we’re officially hooked.

Red Lentil is located at 600 Mount Auburn Street. Hours and info at Check out their new sister restaurant, Wild Rice Café, located at 71 Elm Street