The Perfect Shop.

Nestled in the heart of Harvard Square since 2001, Black Ink calls itself a one-stop design shop in a destination neighborhood. Its tall shelves are lined with colorfully and artfully arranged merchandise, from games to stuffed animals, to art supplies and stress balls, office supplies and barware – not to mention an insane array of greeting cards, wrapping paper and ribbon.

About ten paces into our visit, the store’s tagline “Unexpected Necessities” starts to make perfect sense. We suddenly find ourselves questioning how we’ve been functioning without these 

Photo Credit: Black Ink

or how we made it through our last dinner party without these?! 

Photo Credit: Black Ink 

Who doesn’t need hen napkin rings?

Black Inc is one of those rare gift shops where you truly can find something useful, well-designed, and FUN - for anyone, and at lots of great price points. They’ll even can your gift if you ask them … yes, canning gifts is a thing (who knew? we sure as hell didn’t, but now we must do it).  Along with the above crazy-cool stuff, we came away with the perfect gifts for our cycling-to-work friends: 


Way to be hip and cool yet practical – and ya gotta have a bell!

Black Ink Cambridge is located at 5 Brattle Street, just steps from the Harvard Square T Stop. Open Monday through Saturday 10:00- 8:00 and Sunday 11:00 – 7:00.