Looking to Score Points with the Coworkers?

February in New England can feel like a winter wonderland … or not.  Need we bring up last year?

Snow or no snow, are your office mates looking a little over the whole mid-winter thing? Ours too – and we found the perfect way for you to score some major hero points with the coworkers. It all starts at 71 Arlington Street.

Lilly’s Café and French Bakery is the real deal – and Watertown has been insane over their cakes and pastries for over 25 years now. For just a ten-person minimum, they’ll put together a tray of the most delectable ridiculousness that you get to show up to work with, looking like Julia Child herself. Think Janice in Accounting will stay crabby once she takes a bit of one of these? 

Or how about these bad boys?

Lilly’s bakes up every insanely delicious kind of treat you can think of, from amazing biscotti, bite-sized gourmet cookies and cookie bars, to eclairs, cream puffs and macademia nut truffles (yes), to Red Velvet cupcakes and our personal crush, the Boston Crème cupcake.

If you’re feeling super generous (or super guilty for skipping office fridge clean-up) Lilly’s can handle bigger orders as well – just make sure to call 24 hours ahead to nail down your favorite flavors. But you’re fine just walking in if you’re snagging a few nibbles – their cases are well-stocked all day long.

Lilly’s Café and French Bakery is open Monday through Friday, 7:30 to 5 PM, Saturdays 6:30 to 3:00 PM. http://lillysbakery.com/