Deluxe Town Diner: Why it’s a Watertown Favorite

Let’s see how well you know your Watertown trivia: which Coolidge Square restaurant has been in the food biz since 1947, was featured in a Blue Man Group video, and serves breakfast at 10 PM?  

Here’s another hint … the restaurant changed hands 15 years ago and expanded and updated its menu to include veggie and gluten-free fare.

If you were guessing the Deluxe Town Diner on Mount Auburn Street, then score, you win! The Diner had been a fixture in the Watertown food scene when Dan Levy (of Boston’s Blue Diner) took over operations in 2000, completely restoring the interior to its 1940s roots, installing vintage booths, exposing the original tile walls, and re-mounting the diner’s original marble counter he discovered moldering in the basement. 

Dan and wife Daryl kept certain staples on the menu (“All day breakfast is so important,” Daryl recently told EaterBoston) while at the same time expanding into non-traditional diner territory. So alongside the legendary Deluxe Flapjacks and Boston Cream Pie you’ll see a Waygu Beef Burger, Salmon BLT, and Quinoa Vegetable Bowl. There’s also an entire veggie section on the menu, plus a dozen or so excellent options for those 10 and under (ergo no more excuses for not letting the kiddos tag along). 

Aside from the amazing food and killer décor, what’s extra special about Deluxe Town Diner is the unique role it’s played in the Watertown community over the years. With cachet that spans all generations, the Diner has provided the backdrop for countless celebrations, as well as a comforting gathering place during tough times like the Boston Marathon bombing, when many Watertown folks used it as a spot to hunker down in a space that felt safe and familiar.

So if you’ve never checked it out, push the Deluxe Town Diner to the top of your To-Dos this week. You’ll feel like a regular before your first refill.