Sliding Your Way to Fitness

Holidays got you sluggish? Yep, we feel you. Which is why the next time we walk by Moxley Field we’ll be stopping to check out an amazing fitness installation, free to people of all ages and courtesy of our own City of Watertown! Brainchild of former Phys Ed instructor and fitness expert Collis Brown, the multi-use apparatus idea came to him when he was late for class one afternoon. “I was running up some stairs, and I forgot something so I turned around and came down the stairs,” Brown recently told Watertown News. “I realized all the mechanics were completely different coming down, and we needed the body to remember what (it was) doing coming up.” 

Collins had the brilliant idea of building stairs with a slide attachment to keep maximum effort on the UP and not the down, ramping up the cardio while minimizing shock to the joints - which he learned is important from years of researching various college sports programs. He even posted a set of personal best time goals at the top of the stairs, based on those met by Professional Athletes, Division One College Athletes, and High School Varsity players.

Around the back of the structure, you’ll find equipment for rocking those push-ups, pull-ups, and tricep dips. No worries if you’ve been a little lax with the upper body work – the equipment is designed to work with people at all different fitness levels and strengths! 

A big shout out to the Watertown brass for making it easy to work in some cardio without having to drag our butts to the gym! #Preach