East End Eats

The East End’s Armenian roots run deep and are vividly present in many of the local food establishments – and no stronger than at the legendary Massis Bakery on Mount Auburn Street in Coolidge Square. A fixture in Watertown since 1938, Massis is known in the area for carrying the widest array of Armenian and Middle Eastern specialty foods, baked fresh in house and imported from the finest sources. Shelves are packed with an endless variety of fresh cheeses, olives, dried fruit and nuts – but then there’s the bakery to contend with …

Massis ovens crank out endless trays of flaky baklava and decadent fig and date cookies, along with irresistible traditional treats like choreg and boorma (trust us – they’re amazing). Sandwiches and prepared foods are made fresh every day and fly out the door. The ground beef kabob on pita bread is to die for, and their falafel are an absolute must-try. If you’re feeling adventurous, check out the traditional lamejun – a surprisingly thin and crispy Armenian cheeseless pizza typically made with beef or lamb, and loaded with spices.

Feeling the holiday time-crunch? No worries – Massis lets you order online – plus they’ll ship anywhere in the US!

… did we mention they have a bakery?